Jon Keppel is an artist, musician and writer from Akron, Ohio with a degree in Sound Art from The Ohio State University. His work currently deals with the theme of art being the craft of life. Jon has played his music at several dynamic venues around Northeast Ohio including Brothers Lounge, Uncorked and The Silver Swan. Musically, he has been compared to Bob Dylan. His influences range from Johnny Cash to Coldplay. His debut single My Love is now available, streaming through a variety of digital platforms such as Spotify. In addition to music, Jon also paints. In 2016, his distinctive visual work was featured at The Small Box Gallery in Akron, Ohio for a solo show. Anderson Turner of the Akron Beacon Journal said “The forms have a Matisse-esque cutout style and watching them play and dance around on screen is starting to become something more.” Those same shapes are now featured in the lyrics video for My Love.

Jon is interested in blurring and blending boundaries not only between seemingly disparate mediums in the creative arts but also in the division between life and art. A precursor to this exploration can be found in Jon’s 2017 TEDx talk. His thoughts on this topic were placed in the form of an online-only book published in 2018 through this website along with a few other sites. That book is called The Art Flame and is made available here in its entirety for free. Jon will be giving a reading from the book around town this Spring and Summer 2019. Thoughts related to the theme of the book can be found on the Jon Keppel YouTube channel. Viewers are encouraged to share their constructive thoughts and comments through the appropriate fields associated with that channel.

Jon has also developed a beginning series of meditations that embody the art life theme. He is an avid student of secular mindfulness and a heavy reader. A social network for fans of Jon is in the works. Check back for updates. Jon will be appearing live for music performances, book readings, talks and more this Spring and Summer. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay connected.