W E L C O M E !

Please read the following note. The beginning is in regards the thoughts that I share about life as art which comes out, in among other forms, through podcasts, guided meditations and blog posts that delve into life practices. It is all in the spirit of art, pure and simple.

Important:  Dear reader, this notice is to make sure that you understand that I am not a licensed physician, nutritionist or therapist.  This information is generated from my own personal experience as a person, an artist, a friend.  Please see a licensed physician, nutritionist or therapist for any proper or official diagnosis, treatment or guidelines.  Thank you.  Be well!  

I am an artist and I believe that we can all be artists if we want to be.  The term cognative artist might help to bring you into what it is I consider art.  That term cognatitive artist was coined in my world by Dreama Whitfield an awesome individual.  Essentially,  I am an aritst who believes that art is the craft of life.  As such then I am an artist who, in part, works with personhood as a major element.  Through self development and mastery, I also seek to explore how a deep sense of identity leads to awareness and ultimately engagement with life as the world, as the Self, as each other, as being, beings and all of creation ad infinitum.  

I am making this webpage as a landing site for people of all walks of life who are curious and believe in goodness above all else and who know innately what goodness is and see it through to fruition.  In the blog section I share thoughts about how this conception of art as the craft of life has developed in my life, in my work and so on.  

In the TEDx section you can see and listen to a talk that I gave which was called The Art Spark.  It talks about the very genesis of creative potential in the vast and varied depths of the psyche as it relates to one's life endeavor.  I have recently published a book which I have written as a follow up to that talk which is called The Art Flame.  In its very earliest stages of development is a dynamic network that will be a place for a community of folks who find that, the art is the craft of life theme, speaks to them somehow in a sincere and profound way.  That network is called The Art Fire and is planned for both online and offline so let's call that through-line as a hybrid or synergy. A link to the online platform for The Art Fire can be found on the main menu of this website.

Life, I feel, is a step into the unknown, guided by hope.  The word, concept and practice of art is a key for us, I feel, to open a gate in our being, a gate of goodness.  Love is always with us.  It is with us all.  And remember, genius, like stardust, is in us all.  Let it burn brightly.  Peace.  Here is to ideas and actions that matter. Let’s change the world together for the better, humbly, in the smallest of ways. Here is some of my dream. Blessings to you.

Finally, this website is the culmination of a lifetime. I do not suggest trying to take it in all in one fell swoop. It is only an inkling honestly of the conventional art and crafting of my life that I have had the honor and privilege to be a part of. Nevertheless, I am very pleased to be able to bring to you what I can through this format. Some of us may never be in MoMA. We wish, but we never know (as a quick side note I also think it would be cool to have a museum built after me as a cool brick and mortar to experience all of the work that I did, but just as much the spirit has to be out in nature, the world, life itself. It is a balance). And also, what is more we are dust to dust and so is everything that we make. We have to, I feel, somehow focus in on our person. Life is art to me now more than ever and though I have made a ton of conventional practice, meaning paintings, songs, videos and more I am seeing more how crafting the art of life is its own reward. I am now learning balance in regards conventional practice and the crafting of one’s life. Peace be with you. Take care and enjoy all of the work/offering/love here.

P.S. Thank you and I love you to all of my family and friends. You make this! We would be nothing without the call to connect with at least one other human being out there! I am lucky and fortunate and grateful and thankful to have you all in my life. I do not really know how it all works but I am putting in a motion for God to bless you all that you may know peace and love as a happy wish from me. Take care.

P.S.S. Holy cow! We made it! I am a genius. I am a darn creative genius. Gosh it feels good to say. I have been wanting to say that my entire life. I see now it comes down to believing in yourself and knowing in your own heart that you truly are what you believe yourself to be. It is true that in the same sense I understand that I am not a genius. Such is the beautiful zen mystery of life itself. Take care.