Inspired Today

I am inspired today to talk about the infinite love that pervades all things, times and places.  There is a love that reaches out past the walls of perception and which brings renewal to our hearts.  I went to Art Basel this last week and I was inspired by the energy that continues to be harnessed and brought about at art fairs.  What is art really?  Where do we all fit into the history of art?  I am excited about this website because it has started to assist in generating personal development of my self in tandem with how I can give to other people in abundantly meaningful ways.  I truly feel that there are lessons in life to learn and that those lessons are like gifts, gifts that open the spirit, whole.  I have been kind of bummed recently by what feel like grand revelations.  The essay that I wrote called The Exhibition is Dead is one those or at least part of one.  I do feel like in my heart of hearts that a deep, honest following of the history of art into the contemporary has lead art out of galleries and museums and into our daily lives.  That is what that essay intended to describe.  Meanwhile I am living in a time where art exhibitions are a huge part of the art world.  I just think that maybe there is room for both but at the same time I feel like you have to follow a true and sincere vision when it is inspired by goodness.  I am honestly a wizard.  Come with me into the magic of the here and now.  There is much for us to do and know and love and see.