Art Is What You Do

Infinte Changes focuses in on the art of life itself.  It is a way of learning from what's come before to guide current practices.  As an artist, I was coming up against a truth that I felt I had uncovered which had artwork no longer being any sort of static result or production but rather a process of becoming.  Though you do not have to be familiar with these folks at all because you already have this understanding innately inside you, Marcel Duchamp and John Cage have been two major signpost in art's exit from being a thing on the wall and something else altogether.  I mean we still deal with material reality but our connection to materials and material processes become one of truth seeking.  And in this sense we begin to shake loose of making things specifically with a thought of exhibiting them in the back of our mind and more as something that we are doing to enrich us, something that is happening within.  In a sense then, we create every day in our daily lives.  We, in a sense, curate life's experiences, to the extent that we have any control at all over what happens and what does not.  We use materials in our everyday life just as we do in the arts.  Everyday life is the art, now.  That is where performance art and conceptual art logically and intuitively lead in my estimation.  Our lives are the art.  Everyone is an artist.  Our art is what we wear, what we cook, where we choose to go, who we engage with and so on and so forth.  It is in this sense that Infinite Changes is being made and being developed.  It is a way of cuing into this sort of revelation though it has always been this way it can feel new as it is new to us.  This means that art is no longer strictly or even primarily what happens in a gallery or museum.  Going to a department store is just as much a part of this artistic stream as anything else.  Duchamp's conception of the readymade helped us make this flip in understanding everyday objects in life as art which has helped us to this understanding of life itself as art.