Writing is a way among many...

I just want to chime in here for posterity’s sake and continue to assert myself in this way for a public.  I like to find the balance between personal development and works in the collective conscious, the public sphere and so forth as means for personal and collective development.  I see my project here as appearing on the surface as similar to the cliche posed in the movie The Master where a gentleman writes books, holds seminars and gives talks.  I am finding myself in a similar way though I do not intend to mirror the contents of that movie.  


I learn as I go along that one can practice in public and that it is supposed to be good for the soul in a way.  I am still coming up against a bit of a wall as to how to get an audience.  But from all of my learning and my feeling it is going to come from writing itself.  Seems simple.  In my life I have made a switch from making art and then looking for ways to exhibit it to looking for opportunities to get to know people who work with exhibitions.  Truth be told I did have some ideas for shows as well.  Actually quite a few.  But in the mean time my conception of what art is, in the very most contemporary sense, evolved, developed, however you would like to say it.  


So now I am doing writing and also talks in person that deal with helping to manifest that which you truly want in your life.  At the moment I am slowed down a bit in my development of that project as it seems to call for my licensure of some sort before proceeding.  However this is very problematic because I am trying to do something brand new that has never been done before.  I am not a psychotherapist or a counselor.  I am an artist.  I have a degree in art and wish to do creative sessions with folks in this professional regard.  


It remains to be seen where this work can go.  As my thoughts on this matter have taken me away from the idea of exhibition altogether and more to a kind of sharing or communicating mode.  The idea of producing is looming large though in the background for me.  I want to get something on paper in a manner of speaking.  And that is going to necessitate meeting with folks and doing the talking that is going to bring about the illumination I seek within myself and others.  


I am going to really try and make this blogging a daily activity if I can as well.  Or at the very least a more frequent practice.  I want to get into the practice of writing it as if folks are listening or even better becoming engaged in the and with the content.  The question remains what do I really, really want?  The answer seems to be a little bit of it all with pronounced instances along the way.  Such is life in a sense.