Conversation Piece

I like this idea of using a blog as art.  I like generating content basically in what is almost real time, essentially by the day rather than in some sort of publication cycle.  I do not know of any blogs yet honestly that I am interested in following.  I have to wait and see if this is a viable format for the ideas of which I wish to speak.  


The ideas are many and I guess that ultimately I have to really, really want to make this blog a success and in conjunction with the rest of my spirit as it evolves which is essentially an ongoing art project in its own right.  


I have a lot to say and feel as though I could write and write and really uncover new truths and old truths and all in between in the process.  I jus finished watching one of the conversations that were a part of what is called Conversations at Art Basel Miami of 2017.  I attended the fair but not the conversations in person.  This particular one was about the internet and its role in art making and distributing and so forth.  


I guess I just have this really sort of grass roots mentality that as artists (and remember that I believe everyone is an artist) we have an ability at anytime of the day to register a thought or an idea or inspiration into a live active conversation.  Blogging seems to be a beginning to that.  Social media in general is that, but with this it is a matter of sort of unpacking what is art, how is it enacted and how do we do art?  And honestly, it is everything.  


You know I have been working on a book idea.  But now that I learn more I start to think that perhaps a blog would be a better way of working on things or perhaps both.  As a daily practice writing is contributive to my own artistic generation and output.  


I truly see art being something that all people do just like exercise or thought itself.  


This website is a bit of a start to that.  I am starting to do conversations as art and also more pronounced, goal oriented sessions are in the works.  


I am interested in the idea that art is actually not even accessible.  That essentially it happens at such a deep and core level that what we see is not the art but rather a sort of after effect or at the very least an extension of it.


For as much as I am exploring art being the craft of life itself.  I am also still drawn to the big fairs like Miami Basel and the Armory.  FRONT coming up near my home town as well. 


I think we each are artists and have a great power and gift within us to open up and reveal at the very least to ourselves and perhaps to others as well.  When light shines it can be hard to capture.  It likes to find openings.  There is some truth to the comparison of light to knowledge.  


My project is ongoing here and is a part of a larger continuum as is all of what we approach in life it seems.