A New Start...

This post is to update my intention for this blog.  It still incorporates everything that I have talked about thus far but really begins now to take on a concerted effort and intention to get at where art is now in 2018.  What is it?  What was it ever?  Who says so?  Who said so that brought us to where we are?  Do you have to know anything whatsoever about anything ever said in a book about the past to get art now in 2018 or at any time?  

These are some of the questions I am dealing with right now.  I am still very much considering myself an artist and I consider the work that I do to be generative, dealing with poiesis or the making of the world.  As I have said before, I believe that now we paint with reality.  Art is not only in the every day but is the every day.  It also is in the longer term generative projects that we take up, everything from starting a family or not to taking civilization into space.  

If you have read any of this blog before, you will have noticed that I am talking now in February of 2018 in terms of art being the craft of life, which is something approached by an attitude that one takes up which I am calling the artistic attitude.  This is turns reveals how everyone is an artist and how every thing and everyone is art.  

I am working on a book right now that unpacks all of the ideas from this viewpoint.  I hope very much to have that book finished by beginning of Summer 2018.  I am looking around at publishing through periodicals in the meantime but am having a real journey doing that, which is to say that it has not happened yet. 

For any of you that have followed my posts on Linked In welcome.  This is in a way a continuation of my writing discovery and experience in that form as well.  I hope to start a daily writing practice that fleshes out some of the concepts, ideas and just notions that come to me from conversations and also the many readings that I am doing right now.