Watching Ghost in the Shell...

I have started so many times.  I have sort of lost track.  But I do find an exceptional amount of possibility in the current stream of thoughts that I have been having.  At the moment I am doing a deep dive into books dealing with the philosophy of art.  So far I do not see anything even remotely close to what I am essentially talking about with my hypothesis that art is the craft of life.

I am taking a new style or approach to this blog now.  I believe it is going to be much more journal-like in nature as a way of not only cataloguing ideas and progress but also as a way to make available my stream of thoughts on this and related matters as I proceed.  

Life can be exhausting and my phrasing that art is the craft of life is not to give the impression that simply being is not good enough.  We after all at this time refer to ourselves as human beings.  There is just such a sense of urgency to what it is I have to say about art.