Welcoming Embrace...

It is becoming apparent how writing is becoming a daily practice for myself.  It is also the case how the concept of art as I understand it is something ever flowing and changing.  There is a kind of recalcitrant nature to me and getting too comfortable with what art is.  It is all too easy to forget just hour absolutely radical efforts can become in our bringing them to fruition.  I always hope for good ends and purposes.  

I have been toying with this notion of doing meditations, meaning conducting the mediations as artwork.  And then I see that it is not so much about doing something as an art work.  As I have mentioned many times over, it seems that the very craft of life itself is art so that means there is no need to procure an art work as such.  

I must say I feel more dedicated to the progression of ideas rather than any sort of tangible product.  I am more for the evolution of the spirit and the mind, the entire being.  I follow now what is contemporary art.  A friend cued me into relational aesthetics which as a term seems to share in what I have been exploring.  But also, so far as I can tell, there is still a dimension of art construction where people are still constructing pieces.  I think I am here to tell of the end of pieces.  The end of art pieces.  That is my revelation, in part had through Danto.  The art object is done.  The piece, the art piece is done.  Art history is done and yet art is primed to live in the most wonderful ways now.  

What I assert is that we are each artists.  We are each an art work.  Personhood is perhaps the absolute masterwork that we can aspire to.  Full development as a person, liberation as a being.  As I have said I think, I believe that conversation is extremely important in these regards, regular conversation (meaning on a regular basis) that goes beyond superficial levels of pleasantries and so forth but really delves into who we are as people, what we believe (and this can change of course), what we hope for, desire, dream and so forth.  

I see museums as being, well actually perhaps there need not be sites needed to designate art any longer.  I am really envisioning this type of landscape very similar to ancient times where we meet beneath a tree to talk of what we have learned, witnessed and realized within our own being.  I see a massive end to production as such and this is I feel in line with what Hans Ulrich Obrist stated at his Keynote 2018 at The Armory Show where he talked about listening.

If we all become listeners perhaps we could have transformational, absolutely transformational changes occur between one another.  It will take time for these things to change.  I have already spoken of the end of the exhibition.  The idea of exhibiting is like having a computer that you cannot type on.  And though I love to write, I see the book and so forth as being no longer as engaging or participatory in nature ultimately to go forth.  

And there is so much talk about participation in art.  But it is beyond the constructs now, we must, I feel, release the confines spiritually by taking away the strictures of exhibition sites (galleries, museums and so forth).  Certainly as we know them but perhaps take them away altogether.  We know the power of the gaze in art.  The point should be to meet the gaze directly, the living gaze in conversation with a living breathing human being.