One Day...

I am just really lit tonight about so many things in my life!  I got a ton of good groceries from doing a kind of tour of grocery stores (I hit four) and got different things and new things and things that made me think in different ways about much of what is the same old thing in my life.  Trying something different to get out of a rut.  I am planning on going to NYC this coming week.  It is for the Armory.  I very excited though as well because I just got notified of some really awesome pics from a show I did, a music show, a concert that was really at a good level.  

I am reading some really good stuff still into the philosophy of art.  Right now I am on post-Dantian theories or in the vicinity of that anyway.  It is kind of amazing how even books from the past five years are still focusing on Duchamp and Warhol's Brillo Boxes.  I was doing the same and still sort of am but at the same time I am looking around for where is the pulse at right now?  What is the heart of contemporary art.  I think I have it.  I really do.  I think it is the craft of life.  I think that the next wave of art as practice and as a theory or concept is art lived, in everyday events and the quasi magical ones of life as well.  Deeds.  Deeds in life.  That is contemporary art of 2018.  The art world needs to hear what I have to say. 

Also, I want to say that I get that there is a present and a future to all of this.  I am still writing and looking to perform guitar and vocal songs of my own creation.  And though they are original they are not so original that standard formats of chorus and verse are not recognizable, they are.  They are in a way very straight forward and are me living out my dream of being like Johnny Cash or Coldplay and in a way the force to be reckoned with that I come back to in my heart though some of the material is sometimes questionable in some way.  I still think it is about love.  There I am talking about Trent Reznor, his project Nine Inch Nails and so forth.  

I am coming to the realization that my work might be plural in its current state as well.  I am doing a book or two books rather right now on the philosophy of art.  It is a book for seekers.  That is who I think is my target audience.  I would love for it to be a best seller.  I think it has, no I know it has that potential just like some of my songs do as well.  

I really want to do more with my email list.  I really want to be wanted BIG TIME in my emails because if you like something, it kicks ass to hear about, but as I think about it maybe I will stick to a monthly note and do Instagram in the mean time while also updating my website.  Many times I think I wish I could do this full time and quit my day job.  That is probably the dream of most artists I would imagine.  I don't want to compromise the work but at the same time I think it is important to get paid and find a way to make what you do sellable so that you can really be yourself and be loved for yourself.  

I remember a time when I did avant grade art work and I may do that again.  I am certainly in a way dealing with new thinking in my art philosophy.  I am thinking that maybe I can do it all.  Write books, give talks, play shows (concerts) enter art into exhibitions while they are around.  Just sort of embrace the contradiction and stop trying to be so pure all the time.  

Looking forward to the Armory this next week.

You may see some shots from that on my Instagram feed and also some photos from my music performances as well along with some videos of me sharing life energy, really good life energy.

Be well.  I send good energy out to anyone reading this.  Let me know you are out there if you get the chance.