Today is a new day fresh with ideas.  I continue to cultivate the art is the craft of life mentality with small actions in my own life.  Reading the newspaper is one of them.  Finding time to read and watch the news is one small way to get connected to what is going on in the world.  And it is a form of enacting life, of being more vital, more informed, more connected, more alive.  I think of course there are infinite versions of how art as the craft of life can be enacted in a person’s life.  I am just beginning to find out what those are in my life.  And I also want to say that it is not about being the best craftsperson in the world.  As I have said before, I mean to say that it is not on a superficial plane to be considered that we all become Martha Stewart.  Also it is not as though even in a deeper sense that we are judged or valued on our ability to craft our lives.  That is not the point of life I feel. However we have an opportunity to co-create our lives.  The fact that the planet exists is evidence that a power higher than the hand of humanity is at work.