Genius Flowers

I am starting to see how this conception of art as the craft of life can have deep and profound impact on one’s life.  As I begin to think about my own life as an artwork I actually start to care more, not only about myself but about others as well.  I think that there is a genuine and generative healing energy to conceiving of yourself as an artwork and all of your life actions as art.  

Last week I started working out at a gym and it has really changed my life for the better.

Changing habits to equally good but different ones or better ones is really where it’s at!

That is what I am learning from this endeavor into treating life with more thoroughness, more gentleness, more love.  I see all of these opportunities to blossom, multiple times in a day as new ideas and thoughts turn into actions and deeds.  

Nothing beats connecting with people!

But you have to unlock your own potential first!

I am finding that I am trying different foods to cook as well.  I am cooking fresh vegetables like green beans, eggplant and beets.  For me, I find prayer to be purposeful, as a way of setting good intentions and gratefulness into the food that I eat.  And remember this is all an art process.  Gone though are the days of exhibition.  Instead we find real time nutrients and nourishment.  It is similar to Untitled (Free) by Rirkrit Tiravanija only instead of being in a gallery it is at my own personal dining table.  Nevertheless, this is an action taken daily.  And as an art action one can be compelled to contemplate even deeper what to consume and why.  Of course one could do this without the conception of art being the craft of life.  Art as the craft of life is a gentle summoning or call to pick up life in an artful way, that picking up by its nature is artful.

My music, conceptual art and writing is important and they are certainly variations of art.  But everything else, literally everything else is incorporated into the art flow: taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, shopping, reading, selecting television programs to watch, straightening up around the house, choosing music and on and on.

The point as I have stated before is that we are all artists and that the Western canon has evolved in a way that has taken us back to the craft of life as a way of thinking artistically while also standing as art.  All of the participation, all of the performances, all of the appropriation, all of it has lead us to living life itself as an artwork, as art.  

We are brilliant.  I believe we all have genius in us!  All of us.  Art is the craft of life is an attitude that one assumes.  It is a way of approaching oneself, others and the world.  Developing this manner of being is what my work as an artist is all about right now, unpacking the possibilities and taking the epiphanies into thoughtful living action to make my life and others all that it can be.  To imagine new horizons.  May our world be our canvas.  May our life be our art.