The Human Soul Alights

Hi all!  I hope you are having a great day.  I just want to chime in here briefly and talk a bit about what this site aims to do and what you can expect.  If you know me or my work (and one is essentially the other) you know that things change all the time.  At one time I could be doing original music with vocals and guitar.  At another, I could be doing conceptual art for a gallery.  At yet other times, I do strictly writing including articles, blog posts, and books.  It is all a part of my creative spirit and in that sense, I guess you could say it is a part of my brand.

I am all about being natural in my approach to creative projects which includes this website.  Doing so many different creative projects lead me to consider all of life as an artful craft as you may have seen me mention on this site and other spots as well.  Currently, I am pursuing this notion, that art is the craft of life, the strongest.  That means that I am doing more things in my own life, changing unsatisfactory habits to totally fulfilling habits, optimizing behaviors and cultivating tastes.  I also then write about that transformation as a kind of log for the experiments in my own life.  I share those on the blog right now primarily.  

I hope to share in this transformation with you by starting a conversation in the comments section on the blog.  I may gravitate back to music or conventional art but for now, writing is taking precedence.  I love all three and really the spectrum of creativity is infinite.  These are just three common instances for me.  

I am doing this for myself and you the reader.  The blog is a place to go more in-depth with some of the ideas that are raised in considering contemporary art these days.  Also, spirituality, self-help, and meditation are common themes addressed.  

I write for anyone who is curious, for anyone who wants to know themselves better, who enjoys thinking deeply about spirituality, art, and the human mind.  For now, I will be adding high-quality photos that convey the life practices that I am undertaking to bring the craft of my life artfully to existence.  I encourage you to do the same and share what you find in the comments on the blog.  I would like to eventually get a forum set up for everyone here on the site where people can talk to one another about art, spirituality, the human mind and much, much more.  

I have a lot more to say, but that is all for now.  Please, take a good chance and comment on one of the writings in these pages.  Every good-hearted action that we take radiates out in good ways across each other’s souls.  Art can heal.  Art can illuminate.  Art can unite.