Art Life Art Life Art...Life

I am writing more freely now. Writing feels comfortable. I think I will do more with this blog. Blogging seems like it might have passed out of the contemporary lens but I feel drawn to write here and this seems like a good way to just write and sort of make the work, my life, as I go through affirmations and realizations that arise in the the writing.

I am going deeper into my vision with my grad school work and feel really quite excited about the possibility of all of my work coming more and more in line, focused, channeled. I feel like the many disparate facets of the work are working more in tandem now. I worked through calling my brand, which is not a brand, simply my name Jon Keppel. It is work to become a voice for good in the world, simple goodness in the face of so much misinformation and non-truth.

I am working with two names for identifying a site/movement/concept within my thinking these days as well. Those names are AKA (which stands for Awareness, Knowledge, Art and/or Also Known As) and The Undulating Nexus. It is a way for me to be a part of the art world. The one that has been around since the 60’s or so. And also the art spirit that has been going on since the cave paintings of Lascaux and similar creative acts in deep history and prehistory. I have started to call my conception art life as a continuation of the term art world as it was coined by Author Danto. I saw recently that David Lynch made a film called The Art Life. I have that currently ordered through the library. I feel like after watching the preview that it is not at all, meaning not all of what I am looking at when I use those words but it could be a significant part of it.

I used the AKA in part to bring some humor into my life which is my work, within me, my self, which is the work. I wonder very much is there anyone else out there doing this? Is there anyone living their entire life as art? And if so what is that like for them? How would our art, our lives be different and how might they be the same?

I think sometimes of having a show at a local art site but then I think more readily that I might like to start an art site and have conversations with people there as art. Simple conversations about people’s dreams or whatever they want to talk about, just meeting people, conversing. Sharing knowledge and experience.

I have had a vision since I went in I think 2018 to the Armory Show in NYC. The vision is that at the fairs out there the live programs of talks and panel discussions basically switches spots with the huge warehouse of physical space made for things on walls. Nothing against things on walls but what if they switched where at the biggest art fairs out there or biennials or whatever kind of art gathering or otherwise you can imagine the talking person to person was done in the booths with artists there talking about their ideas and lives. What if the conversation, the knowledge that was shared, the experience and emotion was the art so to speak. What if it was like TED but face to face where the artist sat with you in each booth and told ideas and knowledge face to face, eye to eye, sharing physical space. Groups of people could crowd around or it could be individual sessions one on one. There could still be talks and panel discussions. And then in a much smaller space, like 1/16 of the overall area there would be things on walls. What would that all be like? I wonder. I think it could be really cool.

Just something different. Something new. Something fresh.

Also I think many times what would such and such idea be like in outer space? Person to person or transpersonal art is also good for the environment as there is no remainder of things. Talking with the heart, mind and soul.