A Really Good Day

Alright all, for anyone following along, I have had a wickedly productive day with all of the wonder and goodness that one could ask for, truly. I am getting my new business cards made up as we speak. Those will have my website on them. The website is being updated heavily. I am excited about it. There is a lot going on and a lot coming together. I am starting to connect dots from the past couple of years all in the website and how my work all relates. I am really going to try and keep this blog updating constantly. I really hope you all enjoy it and get something out of it. Right now I am in a kind of production mode. I would like to get T-shirts made up to accompany my cassingle titled My Love. You can listen to it in its entirety here on the website but in order to be able to take it with you beyond the site on a home computer or phone I am going to sell CDs at live shows that will be accompanied by an original hybrid print from my SSG work. The music is not streaming yet. You have to have distribution for that and I am still figuring that all out straight up. But in the meantime I like having a physical copy available live. The tracks are professionally recorded but I think I might just utilize CDRs and sign the face of the CDR with a sharpie and a copyright symbol, pure, plain and simple. It is a ton of work to get all of this together with the book and the tons of other stuff that I have produced over the years. I am having fun through and am really coming into my own right now in such a good way. Please if you have a chance at all, thank you for reading and please, please, please, comment and/or like these posts here on the blog, on Instagram and/or on YouTube. I appreciate your support and am looking to make a connection with fans as much as I possibly can.