A Longer Form Post

Hi again all! I am enjoying getting to share with you all these updates. It is helping me tremendously in feeling through where I want to go next with my life and work while also I hope sharing some good insight into my creative process and the art both conventional and as the craft of life that I am involved with. Doing the blog more frequently is a very good practice I find to keep me to my dreams. I hope it inspires you somehow to do the same for your dreams.

I am still thinking about getting some photos of my Instagram art made up to give away free at shows. Would any of you be interested in those? I hope so. They are pretty cool I think. They come from mostly a really good place with energy that comes through in the mundane nature of the imagery that coalesces to become something more when brought together.

Speaking of that. I am still working on trying to promote my song My Love with the lyrics video I put together. The imagery in that one is from my SSG series. I find that bringing together my different ways of working helps make a strong good feeling. I am planning now on having a show eventually of visual art that I will be calling S H A P E S. I hope to be able to show the video in its entirety that is used in the My Love lyrics video. I am also looking at doing a kind of installation with many smaller sculptures of varying sizes and perhaps colors. They will most likely sit on the floor. Then of course there are large format paintings.

I think while I have this chance that I will dig into a bit what this is all about for those of you who are interested. I am making work still for exhibition of a kind. In terms of being really, really present and making work that reflects my times I do that more with my conversations and YouTube videos that talk about art being the craft of life and issues we are facing like climate change and developments like artificial intelligence. For me talking through that and taking action based on awareness is what is most important to me in those regards. So for the most contemporary art that I do currently I do not procure exhibitions but find avenues to learn about life and raise awareness mostly through reading, talks and meditation.

I think it is alright that there is a bit of a contradiction in my practice. I have indeed written the essay The Exhibition is Dead. Since writing that I have tried to incorporate a sense of exhibiting still somewhat because I still feel called to paint but also because I want to be able to talk with people in the artistic community. Maybe one day there will be more to the art world than exhibitions as the primary device. I think that could be practically magical. Of course we can always keep exhibitions but I or rather and I feel that to do art anew though we can incorporate a new dimension to art thinking which is all about the craft of life itself. I want very much to schedule a book reading at a local book shop where I will read from my book The Art Flame. I almost wish that I could just read the entire thing. It only takes about an hour to read. And it is free for consuming on my website. That has been a way of being environmental and also forward thinking. No paper. And it is held in the backdrop of the rest of what I am doing. I believe that I talk about taking a break from galleries and museums in the book. I do think that is important. Even if one chooses to keep on exhibiting as a primary course of action I think it is almost like a retreat in meditational terms. Taking a break from the art world altogether is a beautiful thing. So there is that too.