Update: May 15, 2019

I am super inspired today and want to share some of that very good energy. I am seeing more and more how I can help myself through reading and learning. And that as Mingyur Rinpoche says, help the world by helping yourself. I think that is so key. We have to love ourselves fiercely and tend to our own experience first. That sets the stage for everything else afterwards.

I am experiencing a kind of binding factor to doing a blog post a day along with an Instagram post a day. It is a way of bringing together all the good energy that I focus on in my studies in order to share it with others while giving me a way to formulate what it all means to me. These are updates of my inquiry into being but they also serve as a sounding board for anyone interested in similar themes: compassion, love, reducing suffering, awareness and so forth.

Sometimes these updates will be just about what I am doing that day, no big deal. Sometimes they will unpack ideas that I have had the privilege and honor to consider in recent times or at any time for that matter. I like the interplay between those two because that is how my life goes: thinking deeply sometimes while also learning to appreciate the precious present, its abundance and good energy in the sense of Eckart Tolle.

I like being able to cheer people on towards their best selves. I like helping people out truly. I like sharing in the abundance of the mystery in good ways.