Creative projects and life

Hi All! I am just continuing organically with blogging, Instagram, the newsletter and so forth. I have minimized some things here on the website for the time being. The past couple of months have been like a retrospective of all of the work that I have completed over my lifetime. Right now there is still a ton up on the site but it is not all of what I have done. This is for maneuverability’s sake. I am exploring as I continue to do all of the connections between conventional practice, which for me works with making songs on guitar and with vocals and making paintings. As far as crafting my life through art I am continuing to practice meditation and reading. I come back to the idea of lifework which is something I mentioned in the show statement for my exhibition of paintings and animations a few years ago now.

The whole thing is malleable. I think it is worth the exploration. I really don’t miss the conventional art world in comparison to the mind opening and heart expanding levels coming through via my meditation, reading and viewing of TED talks. That practice has been absolutely transformational in a very positive way. Nevertheless I am still called so to speak to paint a bit. It’s just that it is not the only way for me to enact art. Not at all. Nor is writing or music. There is more to the spectrum of art. Sharing ideas is the most fruitful I think and recently I have been doing that through YouTube. The work is my life. And my life is the art. Lifework is artwork. It’s a beautiful thing.

I am looking at applying or auditioning for TED 2020 as I continue to want to share this notion of art being the craft of life because I feel it has so much potential for positivity and change. I am looking at doing a book reading at a local bookstore and playing music at a local music venue. A few of them actually. I would like to put out the cassingle for my song My Love sometime soon. I am looking at getting professional packaging and labeling to go along with that. Ultimately it would be really cool to put out officially a ton of what I have created over the years. But it is a balance as always. I appreciate getting a chance to share all of this with you all. I get that it is so cool that we can share on this level with each other about our creative projects and lives.