The Gift of Learning

The delicate balance of beauty and nature is very strong with me.  I feel totally filled up by the depths of the source of the cosmos, as unnamable and awesome as it may be.  There are so many ways of thinking of reality.  People have taken it apart in so many ways through theory over the many years that humanity has been around.  I feel blessed to have a mind with which to apprehend and comprehend all of the majesty of thought.  I feel connected to being in this way also.  I have read the thoughts of Eckart Tolle and find a deep and profound truth in what he has to say.  At the same time  I check myself not to be too taken too much with any one person’s take on the universe or multiverse as it may be.  We are magical beings.  I know this to be true.  We are awesome, truly.  Our abilities are quite staggeringly beautiful and wonderful.  To not be taken away by this thought is to be able to live within the bounds of its beauty.  We can think.  We can move.  We can feel.  This is so very much, truly.  

I find also a truth in what Jon Kabat Zinn has to say about mindfulness.  Also in what Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche has to say about awareness being the essence of meditation.  I have so much to learn from each of these people.  Of course there is Ashley Turner as well.  And Brainard Carey.  It is all quite beautiful.  I feel lifted up and filled up by this writing as well.  I can see my personal library from here sitting on my humble shelf and it is very good.  I want to grow this library of learning and knowledge and growth and purpose.  I feel at ease in my conception of continuing to learn.