To Live a True Life By Jon Keppel circa 1999

To Live A True Life.


By Jon Keppel



I am laying in a bed of tall, tall grass and letting my life pass by

when I allow myself to waver from the thoughts and feelings 

that I know to be true.  A bed of grass so thick with delusion

and self-deceit that no man’s eye could be asked to penetrate it.


It is my own will and perception, however, that place me in such 

a weary condition.  It is I, and I alone, who allows for the 

weeds of the world to pull me down into the blinding dirt of

confusion’s disease and suffocate the good parts 

that try so hard to dream inside of me.


I need only to stand up…

To rise above this mammoth green sea of doubt and strive

beyond the presumptions of my fevered mind

To search beyond the thickets of fear

that I have planted inside my head

and discover the unfaltering truths

that lay patiently waiting 

in the deepest cores of my being.


The grass is tall, but my home is in the sky.


I have only to reach for it

to call out its name

to call out my name

to accept its truth and deliver my beauty.


With a confidence so pure that no doubt can touch it

I will stretch my hearing legs and dance atop

the feeble grass that has bound me for so long.

If only I believe in who I truly am

and harness the powers

that grow warm and bright inside of me.

My heart will weep no more.

I will float above the venomous vines of worldly pleasure

and cross the threshold of art

that denies me the intimate knowledge of myself

that I rightly deserve.


I will no longer disconnect myself

from the spirit that gives me strength.

I will live a true life.

I will stand up proud and strong

even if it is by myself

and allow my deepest thoughts

to imagine, to sing,

to wonder, and to smile.

I will ascend into my highest self.

I will live a true life.