A Really Good Day

Alright all, for anyone following along, I have had a wickedly productive day with all of the wonder and goodness that one could ask for, truly. I am getting my new business cards made up as we speak. Those will have my website on them. The website is being updated heavily. I am excited about it. There is a lot going on and a lot coming together. I am starting to connect dots from the past couple of years all in the website and how my work all relates. I am really going to try and keep this blog updating constantly. I really hope you all enjoy it and get something out of it. Right now I am in a kind of production mode. I would like to get T-shirts made up to accompany my cassingle titled My Love. You can listen to it in its entirety here on the website but in order to be able to take it with you beyond the site on a home computer or phone I am going to sell CDs at live shows that will be accompanied by an original hybrid print from my SSG work. The music is not streaming yet. You have to have distribution for that and I am still figuring that all out straight up. But in the meantime I like having a physical copy available live. The tracks are professionally recorded but I think I might just utilize CDRs and sign the face of the CDR with a sharpie and a copyright symbol, pure, plain and simple. It is a ton of work to get all of this together with the book and the tons of other stuff that I have produced over the years. I am having fun through and am really coming into my own right now in such a good way. Please if you have a chance at all, thank you for reading and please, please, please, comment and/or like these posts here on the blog, on Instagram and/or on YouTube. I appreciate your support and am looking to make a connection with fans as much as I possibly can.


Hope you all are doing well. Thanks to anyone following along here. I appreciate it. Make sure to send me a comment if you get inspired to do so. I am moving towards putting a couple of event together for Spring/Summer. One is a book reading to give my book that I wrote last year a chance to shine a bit. More info on that as it develops. Also, I would like to do a music show/event with possibly some of my visual artwork there live with me on stage and at a mercy table.

I am looking to do more on Instagram and to do more YouTube videos about life.

Just finished reading Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari and the take away in part was about the decoupling of consciousness from intelligence. I continue to catch bit here and there about driverless or autonomous cars and G5, machine learning, deep learning in artificial intelligence and climate change. I even learned about a new-to-me genre of writing call “cli-fi” similar to sci-fi. That I thought is interesting.

I am thinking to a just going with all of my passions and doing events where I give a talk or a series of talks, display and sell visual art, give access keys to my book online (which is essentially just my website) and play music along with reading poetry. Maybe even do a live meditation. That interests me. I was thinking about calling it The Jon Keppel Experience. I am not sure about that yet but the whole thing interests me very much. I like having freedom away from a label in music or a publisher in literature. I can do whatever I feel like doing, always exploring, breaking new ground again and again. It is interesting.


Hi Everyone! I am just feeling like putting out a blog post today as I am getting into the thick of creative experience. I know today is like an international holiday. I hope you are having a great day as always. I am still working out what exactly to talk about here on the blog. I think it could really be good to just delve into whatever with updates about my work, life, thought process, things in the community and so forth. I am interested in getting some music shows lined up for spring and summer. I have a good list of about 20 songs here that I would like to share. I am hoping that sharing it here with all of you will make me more apt to follow up on some of what I discuss here. I have aims to do more large format paintings. I made a discovery today that seems to make a nice connection between what I have come to know as formal practice or conventional practice (seated mediation or painting at an easel) and informal or unconventional practice which is just living life essentially as meditation, art or both. I am still going to be talkative about climate change as my studies have shown me that the number one way to help with climate change is to talk about it. Awareness seems so key in all facets of life. I have some talks coming up or rather lively discussions set for the first Sunday of every month at Rubber City Prints. It will be full on discussion about art as life (which includes conventional practice). Went grocerying today and had a really pleasant time. Also did my 45 minute body scan meditation with Jon Kabat Zinn. Hope you all are well.


Hi Everyone! I am just sorting through this whole thing called life. Just made some spaghetti with red sauce. Think I am finally going to get some T-shirts made for me, my art, my music. Not yet sure on all of the details on how to go about that but we shall see. I have begun playing older music that is still very viable. It is transformative to connect the deep past, the recent past, the present and what is yet to come. I am going to get my business cards updated as well which I always hope has a kind of alchemical affect to it that brings my full spectrum of feelings and wishes to stand tall. I think I would like to really make this and my Instagram along with my newsletter the home base for me. I want to connect with people more and am learning bit by bit ever so slowly but meaningfully how to do this right. I am looking at getting an audio interface and nice pair of headphones for recording songs of mine which I then hope to have mastered by a third party. I hope very much to be able to sell my records and tickets to shows along with visual art, writings and more. Check back often for blog updates, make sure you are signed up for the newsletter and come check out what’s going on on Instagram. Excited to go much further with the music now. While keeping art as the craft of life in play and making some more large format paintings. Looking to show older stuff in conventional contexts.

Notre Dame

So sad to hear about and watch the tragedy in Paris at Notre Dame. I hope that healing can take place there at a profound level. Word of enormous strength from people donating funds to help and others recounting memories is really inspiring. Peace


Hi Everyone, please do let me know that you are all out there when you get the chance. I would love to hear from you. Comment in the blog here, “like” what I am doing on Instagram or just email me. I am going to try and really chime in here on the blog now on a pretty regular basis just as a way of getting in touch with you all. I very much appreciate your support as I venture further into art as life and all of the wonderful conventional practice there is to do as well.

I went and had my guitar looked at today because there were some problems with the battery however now everything seems to be working fine so I hope to be able to play live at Uncorked this Tuesday if I can get all of the new songs together that I have. They are fresh out the oven right now.

I have started doing a practice of 45 minutes a day of meditation up from my 3 to 30 minute practice previously. I am doing the body scan by Jon Kabat Zinn while reading his book Full Catastrophe Living. Has anyone read that one? Anyone into mindfulness?

I got some cool new blue pants that I wore to Gretchen Pleuss’s album release show. That was a great event.

Looking at maybe doing another large format painting (48 x60in) and eventually having a show in a space that can handle that size. I am always talking about work, meaning art work and music and writing and so forth. I am trying to learn from the many good resources that I have at my disposal to learn about sharing a bit of what is going on in my life through my blog not only work all the time. That is hard for me because it is like, I have to always be creating things. However, my mindfulness studies are helping me just learn to be more. So on that note, let’s see, what’s going on. I got to check out the Cleveland Institute of Music’s orchestra. That was beyond words good. I also recently paid a visit to the Cleveland Museum of Art and saw some conventional artwork. Reading tons as always. Right now I am into about four books. I am reading TED talks by Chris Anderson (paraphrasing the title there), Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari, Genesis by Edward O. Wilson and as I mentioned Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat Zinn. Also have the magazine Breathe about mindful living and a new-to-me magazine called The New Philosopher (perhaps a paraphrase there). Ai Wei Wei is a contributor to the philosophy magazine.

Hope you all are doing well.

New Ideas

Hi Everyone. Some new-for-me ideas in practice here. I like being able to check in with this blog now to not only document my thought process but also of course to be able to communicate with all of you, whoever you are, because a big part of what I am doing right now is about helping other people by offering up knowledge and experience from my life and communicating it effectively to add to the enhancement of the quality of not only my life but hopefully many, many others as well.

Posts to follow will be more stream lined I think but for now I just want to gently break apart some ideas in action to really get things moving on a couple of fronts. First I just want to mention climate change. The number one way to combat climate change according to my studies is to simply talk about it. I know a fair amount of information about specifics but am not an expert. I do believe the climate scientists and think that we should as a global community come together to do something really special about it. That’s all I will say for now on that. I just wanted to scratch the surface on that.

Next, something called ICA Akron has begun and it was an idea that I had a while back. Right now I see how vital it is to make sure that in practice it remain of the art of crafting life. Good sleep culture. Meditation, awareness, healthy knowledge consumption, reading, physical exercise, cooking for one’s self lovingly (thanks Ashley) and a host of other things involved with crafting one’s life, enhancing quality of life. That is what is at the heart of ICA Akron. It might take on the form of exhibiting conventionally (conventionally means anything that is formulated as an exhibition as an endpoint or vital stage it is not referring to advancements in technologies or materials used). In art as life (which includes conventional practice) technology and materials are changing all of the time. Some of my materials tonight were eggplant, a cell phone, walking shoes, my car and so forth.

New Time (Excitement)

Hi Everyone. This is a new beginning for the blog here to continue on the work I have been doing now for a good year or so. The story is long so I will not go into it all right now. It feels really good to be putting a blog up. Had a chat with a new friend today and wow it was illuminating. Got me back here on the blog and now I see how it is all connected. I am the connecting agent in it all. My thoughts. My ideas. My songs. My visual art. My studies. My videos. My website. My Instagram stuff. All of it comes together to make one gigantic statement. And so I come to you now in this moment with a brand new start to the blog. I have a permanent link for The Art Flame, the book I wrote this past year. Now I can start doing blog posts more regularly along with videos on YouTube and my newsletter that I put out. What is it all for, as music from a movie that I like comes on I am thinking what is it all about? What is it all for? Is this what I came to earth to do? The answer is no. And so I keep searching. I think I came here to be an artist. The consequence of that has gone very deep indeed. Nevertheless, I feel like true love might be the reason that I came to earth, but finding that is extremely difficult in my experience. I wish you all the best. I wish I could say that all this bullshit I do with this or that thought or idea is what it all comes down to but it doesn’t. I think it is love.