Rising Within

It seems very much to me that there is so much one could occupy their mind with. All of this work that I have been doing which deals with reading, listening to podcasts, watching TED talks and so forth and then making constructive creative connections in the mind and heart, has been about being the artist I feel I was born to be. I get how to listen and to pay attention are two exceedingly important traits of the artist now. We are all always creating just by being alive, just by breathing. That is the genius that we all share. The absolute mystery of it all, at all times. The beautiful part is that we all have this innate instructive reasoning at our disposal to a certain extent. It is the content of breath in a manner of speaking. In this sense then my art is the whole and small of my life. It is exactly where my life and life itself meet. I have made my own life the work of my life. I am the art. I think we can all do this if we want to. To make our life be the art we make or co-make is to live in the world at hand summoned by a good within. My work has been about accessing presence within myself and the present in the world so that the two can come into being as an one. I use love, humility, wisdom, grace, gratitude, care, innate goodness and peace as guides in this endeavor.