Transmission from the Keys

We are helping to create our reality every moment of every day. My view of an artist is someone who is adept to creating not only things but experiences, feelings, places, ideas, mental impressions, impressions of the heart — all in tandem/coorination with the universal mind and heart—the energetic swirl in ALL. No more studios and galleries!!!! Thinking in real time in all of reality is the work. I am writing this transmission from a key in the keys of ...listening to Stranger Things soundtrack feeling creative unique timeless worthy thoughts and feelings come forth telling me tell myself and others what is cool what it means to be an artist? the question is sacred. but the ANSWER is even more sacred when it comes from your heart and your soul alone as a nexus for all that there everwss all that there is and all there ever will be. this soundtrack reminds me of Aphex Twin and yet is fresh by referencing the eighties.  I think it is really brilliant. These are end of vacation thoughts all recorded on my smartphone to the world wide web via my phone 📲 what will we do next conversation is key 

originally published Dec 16th 2017