A Glowing Chrysalis

I am really very pleased to be writing to you dear reader in this hour of great excitement.  Essentially I am blessed to be able to write to you, to have this platform of a website and an email list to share my message with.  That message is very clear: Art is the craft of life, which includes you!  My writing and my creativity work speaks to this.  We are each an artist and an artwork.  All of creation is an ever-evolving artwork.  Most importantly we can help to bring about the life we want through manifesting techniques like a super good attitude, gratitude and kindness, not only to others but perhaps most importantly to ourselves. 

As a person developing and growing myself I wish to learn all that I can from my encounters with folks to try and uplift myself and others in a pursuit to really bring about quite radical change for the better in our lives.  I do firmly believe that we can make the necessary changes that will uncover our deepest dreams in our lives NOW!  This is what needs to happen as we consider ourselves as a part of the universe, as we do our art, as we craft or co-create our lives.

I hope that you know that if you are reading this you have already made great strides in uncovering your true potential and that as we learn and grow among one another better and better opportunities for our dreams to take hold and enter into our realities will come true.  As we get a better and better sense of what exactly it is that we want we will help to bring that about in our lives.  I am doing that for myself and it is helping me tremendously.  But what is it that YOU want?  What is it that YOU long for?  Take a few moments to consider what that may truly, truly be.