More To Say...

I am seeing more and more how there is a relationship between the truth that is being revealed to me in my own life and one that is being revealed in the historical progress of art as well.  Namely, I am realizing that the art that is everything we do is actually the next piece in the historical narrative that has been unfolding over the past century and beyond.  

Essentially, Arthur Danto’s critique of what holds the art world together is essentially being replaced by my conception that the artistic attitude confers artistic meaning upon all that it touches, knows and claims and that includes all of known and unknown reality.

This is why I am deemphasizing galleries and museum entirely so much so that our attention is refocused and realigned into the here and now of wherever we may find ourselves.  I am essentially attempting to cultivate a new practice in life as a person who is establishing this knowledge which essentially reestablishes the understanding going on.  

After the modern and the post-modern and the post-historical we see art get re-divested back into everyday life, into all of life itself, no longer things that are made in studios but actions and stands taken in life itself in every facet of life itself as it unfolds.  

The artistic attitude in this way establishes a most deeply seated understanding of and appreciation for the art which is essentially at the center of all creation, the creation of creation so to speak.  And this is how manifesting techniques such as visualization, meditation and affirmations help to bring forth the world as we actually want it to be as opposed to how it may seemingly generically present itself to us otherwise.  

We are in this way thrown into the process of creation, all creation.  And in that sense we bring forth new horizons of being that are unique to us, our life signatures, our dreams, hopes and fears which all coalesce into one mighty creation which is our life.  

This is essentially a combination of all things plastic AND conceptual throughout the cannon of art through the ages.  They are combined and brought to serve one’s life, one’s community and the world at large through execution of ideas that are at the very heart of the art spark in people’s soul.   

Thus as the line between reality and art narrowed over the course of many exhibition from Duchamp to Warhol to Hirst to the present that we find ourselves in the two have now become one in the same and as such can be enacted jointly with a single determined power unlike we have seen in previous years.  

This is where the art flame comes in.  The spark has been lit and now we are a flame among flames, a sea of flames and a mighty fire.  The art flame is this knowledge of reality and art merging and becoming the very stuff of life, the project of life itself.  As I have said many times in my writings now, art is the craft of life now.

We should see now art endeavors which is synonymous with life endeavors going away from a kind of cradle to grave rigidity in the gallery system and with museums and back out into the world, in the grocery store, the library, while traveling, in nature, at talks of all kinds, in schools, in places of work and on and on.  And all the places in between for God’s sake.  This is where the art flame lives.  It is everywhere.  Consult your art flame.  It is there inside you.  It always has been.  It may be just now that we see the full extent of our individual and collective light.

The world is going to be illuminated in new and uncommon ways, ourselves included!