Glowing Triangle of Love

I am not sure how many people are reading this blog or who is reading it if anyone.  I hope someone out there is getting something from it.  I feel inspired to keep writing it and really sharing what it is like going through creating a business.  It is everything I have to keep this idea and project afloat.  If nothing else, as a concept.  The premise is essentially that everyone is an artist and beyond that even that everyone is a genius or has genius in them.  I am interested in being a part of the process of letting that beauty come to speak in your life and let fully be heard in all its wonder and glorious nature, its glory.  

I think we have some really awesome work to do here.  I like to delve into the major concepts in these blog posts but I also like to talk about what it is like going into this project.  I am an artist at heart and in practice.  To meet with folks is to bring my craft as the person I am.  The work itself is sometimes something that emerges in between us as if a triangle appeared with the bottom two angles coming from our mind and the top point in the space above our heads between us.  At the top the point is like a glowing light which stands for our joint effort.  Sometimes the light can move towards one or the other person and that is interesting as well.