A Prayer of Loving Kindness


    We can find within ourselves a place to do magic, to bring forth good in all that we are.  Everyday we have this opportunity to bring forth once again, from where else but our heart, what it is we want to be like in this life.  We do not need anything external to do this.  We are our own best generator of love and loving kindness.  Listening to one’s self is important in order to cultivate compassion for one’s self.  As we learn to draw forth compassion for ourself we become primed and tuned to acknowledge the innate value that we share in with every living being, with all people, places, times, sentience and spirited matter.  If we can go within and learn to accept what it is we find there in all its imperfection and glory we can become a generator of the loving kindness that we desperately seek many times outside of ourselves without being aware that our truth lies within and is always there for us as a goodness.  For the good is with us always.  

    As we come to understand this, to realize it, we begin to alight in the everyday movements, inspirations and transactions of the spirit throughout the entire ecosystem of what it means to live.  We are filled with a sense of wonder and gratitude.  You can cultivate wonder and gratitude as the days go by if you listen to your heart and find that you have a longing for these notions.  You are the magic you seek.  All of the words I am saying here in this passage are a reflection of your own unique and inner quality of being that you have been innately given.  This is the magic that is at our disposal.  We must learn to love it and take care of it in pleasant and peaceful ways so that it may grow and be strong in good times and bad.  This I wish for you to know in your life.  

    So what does it mean to love and take care of this center within us, this seed of life that is so profound?  I know that you already know deep in your heart what it is you need to do.  I simply write to you as a source of powerful friendship and fellowship to nudge you to life and enliven your deepest core flames into the life that you truly want for yourself.  I believe in you.  I believe in all of the dreams that you have for yourself.  And I wish for you that you find a way to be at ease with yourself, to be at peace with yourself such that you find your way to that which makes you happiest, most peaceful and whole in life.  There are many ways to go about this.

    Sometimes we have to change deep within ourselves.  I do not think that that means an ultimate kind of change but rather a kind of transition into a new way of registering in the world, in our own lives.  There could be one or two changes, or three or four.  There could be many, many more as well.  The point is that like a plant or vine or flower growing from beneath the ground, we never know in which direction we will be called upon to grow towards.  The spontaneity of that is equal to the entire happening of the world.  And it is worth noting that spontaneity and random are not the same meaning.  Just because something is unpredictable does not mean that it is without a devised purpose.  This spontaneity could be key to the purpose itself!  Allow yourself to be free in all ways and be the you that you were meant to be.  Do not hold back.  Grow into that sunlight!  Grow into the unknown and welcome it gladly for you are this very magical growing.  You are these very transitions! 

    Be at ease in your life and know at the deepest level that you are who you need to be right this very moment and always.  You will find your way, naturally as self delusion gives way, as negativity gives way, as pessimism gives way.  That is not to say that there is not very real pain and loss and suffering along the way.  It is just to say that you know that ultimately everything, absolutely everything happens for a reason and you are this beyond as it radiates in the now, eternally, forever.  Amen.

This writing was written by Jon Keppel.