The Way Through is Through Doing

I am very excited to begin the expedition of writing again after traveling to New York City for the Armory Show.  I got the most I think out of the Armory Live which consisted of talks essentially with some slides and so forth.  This I think is where all art is going to in my estimation.  The human exchange through conversation.  That is key also that it is a conversation where people whether in the particular room or online can speak their mind and be heard.

I really liked what Han Ulrich Obrist said about the future of art being about listening.  I think that applies to not only curators and so forth but also artists.  I do still believe there is a very real need for even these participants to speak their truth, to have a turn.  And as I see it, I think those turns should come on a regular basis for everyone.  

Traveling to the Armory Show was uplifting for me.  It is so very easy to begin to feel isolated in one’s own town, especially when you have a vision that is going to shake up the routines of a great many people.  But I firmly believe that love, true love is in my heart and mind as I go forth with my endeavor to not only live my truth but also share my light with others!  

I am planning on going forth with my life as best I can, getting at what is the very truth in order to live a true life, an open life, a life in the now.  I have a lot to say and I want to share it.  

My view is that we have an opportunity to really begin to explore art as a function of our life.  Hans said something like we as artists or arts people are producers of reality.  It is my belief that that extends to everyone.  This is the mission so to speak that I have to follow now.  I feel guided by universal happenings to bring forth this conception of how art is everywhere, in everything.  More reading will be needed from me.  The reading is ongoing.  The learning from history and so forth.  But so will staying in the present be very important.  

Hans talked about an artwork showing in the Serpentine Galleries where he is artistic director and he said how it seemed to be the first artwork with a nervous system.  My understanding was that it was some form of AI.  My thought was that we, each of us already stand as art work.  I remember seeing a sign at one of the restaurants at the Armory that said “You are a work of art” and how very true that is.  But not just as a cliche.  It is important that we come to understand ourselves as a true master work, a work that is always in flux but that has registrations along the way.  A work that we attend to like posture, sort of gently correcting and working on it as the day goes along, always bringing it back towards the best.

I know that this is sort of stream of consciousness and that my reporting in a way is what a journalist that I met at the show called belly button journalism because well actually it is not all about me I just talk in the first person because I think one’s entry into events and the stream of life is important.  I read others thoughts that way.

I am listening to the soundtrack form the Phantom Thread and it is just so rich and deep.  

I really believe in writing your heart out and speaking your heart out and just being what you truly are in all ways to the good.  I feel like some changes and some continuation is needed in my life.  This is exciting!