Who am I writing to?

I give my best for these posts.  I want there to be a really, really good story to tune into here.  A great project.  An honest to goodness attempt at living life well and being a truly great human being just by being yourself.  That is what I wish for each of you and thank you to whoever may be tuning into this and reading these developments.  You matter!  You matter anyway of course.  

It is very exciting to be going to NYC for the Armory.  At the same time it is really exciting to have all of these great photos of my performance at the High Arts Festival.  I think maybe I have lost the...not the ability but the belief in dreaming lately.  Things fell apart for me in the past six months and I have been in a state of reparations.  It could be the most exciting time yet honestly. It is just that when you are treading in new territory and you just wish the best for everyone, truly.  I see now that I may be different now as an adult than how I was in my youth.  

I hope good things for all people, honestly.  I want people to shine from the inside out and really see their own potential for themselves.  It is a brand new world in some way.  I work at a cafe as a barista.  I have become known as the "doing good thanks" guy.  Somehow I don't think I came to earth to be the "doing good thanks" guy.  I have to share my heart now, honestly.  

It has been so long since I traveled.  I mean really traveled and I think it has effected me.  My world view has been lessened in some ways.  I mean we are each just trying to make our way but honestly without some travel each year throughout the year I think we quickly, or rather I anyway become not as connected.  I mean I feel fortunate that I get to travel at all.  I am totally grateful for that, for my health and so forth of course.  

I just wonder how much of this I am doing to myself, you know?  I am just going to start writing in a very conversational tone in these blog posts.  I am in a way looking to start a conversation.  It all seems to start with a conversation, anything.  An idea is generated.  Sometimes we have these little morsels on our own through different kinds of stimulations.  

I am not sure why I want to do this blog.  Who am I writing to?