A Place for Ideas

I am in the Florida Keys right now and am ready to start into a new phase of my life.  One of living and doing.  And starting that right here is a part of that.  I am going to be trying out some podcasts and vlogs in addition to the blog that I have on this site.  I am going to be talking about new ways of thinking about art on this program and just life in general.  As I have stated in other places I believe that art is the craft of life. That may change some. Mostly I am into thinking in new ways about art and what it could be, what it could do.  Music, artworks, books and similar efforts are nice but they might not speak to what art’s true potential is.  I plan on initiating more conversations about these topics and also bringing more energy into the overall development of contemporary thought in life.  Also I plan on doing more of the meditations that I started a while back for art.  Those I will be available on Soundcloud most likely. 

As I mentioned, these actions will be in addition to a concerted effort to get back out into the community and begin to talk with folks about what is going on in contemporary thought, action and art today and just the world at large.   I am going to be playing music live, writing a lot, reading up on current events both locally and nationally and refining my diet.  Lots of water.  Lots of fresh vegetable and fruits.  Lots of high energy protein.  And also exercise.  I have already begun walking and doing sit ups.  My plan is to start at a gym as soon as I arrive back in Ohio.   

Essentially it comes down to doing things.  This site for the time being will be about communicating some of those things that I am doing out in the world but also some of the ideas that are coming up for me.