Come to Life Through Art

This whole conception of art as the craft of life is so exciting!  There are no limits to what it can be.  I think of all of the fanciful biographies that I have watched that were cinematographically shared and how the lives of the artists were just as important as any static thing produced.  This is crucial.  This is where the art work truly lies.  It is in the way in which we live our lives.  It is in everything we do.  As such there is no longer as much emphasis on the idea of exhibition.  Instead we have elements like social media as a way of sharing what is going on in our lives, because our lives are the art.  We are able to cultivate philosophies about and address social, political and cultural issues but in a more direct way than exhibitions allow for.  There is in this way a direct interaction with the issues as hand.  

Action becomes essential but it is also a shift or change in the heart or mind that starts the action going.  This is where I aim my writing to operate.  This is where the tiny shifts of knowledge, perspective and understanding begin to alight the world in new and generative ways.  What if we continued making art, doing art but did not exhibit any longer?  What would that be like?  Think about all of that stored up energy being unleashed into the world.  It could completely revitalize the entire landscape of contemporary society.  This is what I mean when I speak of contemporary art theory.  

It starts small.  For me, I have joined a gym and begun drinking water throughout the day as a way of adding to my life positively but also as a way of changing habits that are not bringing out the life that I truly want.  Traveling more is also a part of that.  Now is the time for us to live our lives.  Art as a way of living, as a state of mind, as a life practice is so full of potential and ripe for the peace and desires that we have.  

Meditation is another way that I am approaching the daily task of living in a more robust and creative way.  It is not just about changing habits in the day to get different results, but it also that we may become more aware of our surroundings and our actions through awakening the mind via mindfulness interlaced with creativity.  This is the main development that I see with my take on meditation.  That is what I call Artistic Meditation or Creative Meditation where we not only become more aware but we simultaneously employ our innate creative or artistic nature to help in generating and facilitating our wants, desires and dreams.

It is time to bring art out of the galleries and museums it has been trapped in.  It is so much more than that!  It is time for us each to be the artist that we are and shine!  Everything is connected.  We are boundless.  Creativity is infinite.  Do not be afraid to wake up to your entire life and what’s more to do something with it!  The entire spectrum, the entire continuum is waiting for you to open your mouth, eyes and hands and spark this mental terrain with your heart’s wish!  No doubt.  No more waiting.  May art be the craft of your life!  Let the mysterious call of life be answered by the mysterious nature of art and vice versa.