A Beautiful Day, Caring

I feel so blessed to be able to work with these ideas and theories the way I do here in my blog.  And I look forward to getting out into the public, seeing old friends and meeting new ones to discuss this theme, this idea that just has me all lit up, literally on fire with ideas and passion (well not literally thank God), like the really good stuff.  Essentially I am planning on zeroing in on my blog here as a way to connect with you all and start a conversation around the idea that art is the craft of life.  I had thought about doing an open forum and I may still where discussion is the idea.  I like this format here where I can write as the author but then there is the chance for discussion as well.

Please do comment!  Good natured comments encouraged!  Actually only send the good natured ones.

I know a part of my work is to help break down that construction (of the ego/author) but at the same time I feel basically madly in love with being a purveyor of ideas, ideas that I generate or co-create by communing with or contemplating things deeply.  It almost sounds like Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy but I do not care (or rather I do care but not that it sounds like Jack Handy)!  This is what I am called to be doing.  I think there will be chances to make opportunities for folks to speak openly.  Here though I am taking a bit from my heroes who offered me something to accept and make my own.  Artists, writers, musicians.  

I know I was supposed to come up with a topic for a roundtable talk that happened back a while at the Akron Art Museum and when I got there some of the background events that were informing it fell apart.  So at the last minute we just talked about what someone there offered up and it was awesome it really was and I think that is testament to what we can do when we let go of ego.  However, with all of this talk of the death of the author and participation I think we have to remember what it is like to express something for ourselves!  This is key.

That being said, I look forward to really trying to ramp up marketing efforts to try and generate some interest in this blog as I will be putting a lot of effort into it.  I hope that it helps me to build an audience and eventually write a book or two or more.  I also want to do more talks like the TEDx talk that I did last year on the art spark.  The working title for a book which I have already written (or at least an early draft) is called The Art Flame.  That is a continuation from that talk in a way.  And I also want to have more conversations with all you geniuses (not only do I think that everyone is an artist but that everyone has genius inside them).  

I really do believe in the power of the “art is the craft of life” theme.  I think I will eventually change the tagline on this site to read that.  I have left the A Place for Ideas That Inspire Action because I do not mean to insinuate that life is about ideas alone.  No!  You must take action.  And that is what I want to write about more and more.  I got inspired, deeply inspired by Wayne Dyer and though none of his books seemed to have the power of someone like, say Hermann Melville, they do have a cumulative quality that is bigger than any of the parts.  I see possibly a career for me to be the artistic Wayne Dyer.  Then again, let me just be myself and not copy anyone, well not too strongly anyway.  There are always influences.  Finding yourself is important.  Being who you truly are.  Sharing that.  Not being afraid to just share that completely and with hopeful passion and care.