Make What is Honest

This post is the continuation of a question that I have been asking myself many times over the past year or so.  Essentially that questions is, what is the most up-to-date art being made today?  In that, I do not mean how some people describe contemporary art as art being made now but rather art that is continuing the conversation that has been going on through the Western cannon.  Well, that is  how I begin to think about it but then I think but what about all of the other art going on in the world that has been developing simultaneously?  And then beyond that, I begin to think about not just one art world but many art worlds in that sense.

So it is a bit confounding.  What can sometimes seem like a progression or development in the Western cannon is always so only in one spectrum of many.  I realize just how little I know of art in other cultures from the West.  I think I am trying to understand what unites all art from all times.  My answer to that is to come up with the statement that art is the craft of life.  That sentiment encompasses things like painting, sculpture, video, installation, robotics, social practice and also brushing one’s teeth, doing the laundry, riding a bicycle and on and on as I have described before.  But the new thing to me right now is how that fundamentally breaks down the structure of the Western cannon in comparison to the entire world.  

I do still think there is something to that notion and I guess that is why I still write so much about it.  To myself I had been thinking how art as the craft of life was sort of a contemporary notion.  Of course it has been formulated before in different ways.  Or perhaps it has and I just have not come across it in my reading.  I feel like it is such a profound truth though that doing a little bit of duplication, if that in fact is what I am doing, will not be in vain and serve a higher conception and unity consciousness in our world through writing.  

I know that there are countless practices going on in today’s world in 2018.  Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Video, Sound, countless themes of genres, politics, race and so forth.  I do think there is a way that we can arise in those practices through the art is the craft of life theme.  I know that I have been diligently searching through writing and on the web for sources that say the same thing as I have been describing it.  

I have to say that although this is sort of like a journal it really is not.  I am making it as a record of a line of thinking like notes of an experiment as much as anything else.  I also keep a journal separate from this writing, from these blog posts.  I hope that the writing here is stimulating but also keeping track of what my inquiries are bringing forth.  

This work that I do has been about asking questions, thinking differently.  In a way this is a book in its own right.  It is all content.  It is what I produce as an artist right now.  It is sometimes strange that all of my work fits into a non-space like a computer screen but that makes it no less valuable or valid.  I wish to share that sentiment with anyone who knows they have a special value and do not always see that recognized in the world around them.  We have to keep to what we believe in!

No one is paying me to do this website but I am inspired to do it.  I don’t care if it is stream of consciousness.  It is honest.