Hope you all are doing well. Thanks to anyone following along here. I appreciate it. Make sure to send me a comment if you get inspired to do so. I am moving towards putting a couple of event together for Spring/Summer. One is a book reading to give my book that I wrote last year a chance to shine a bit. More info on that as it develops. Also, I would like to do a music show/event with possibly some of my visual artwork there live with me on stage and at a mercy table.

I am looking to do more on Instagram and to do more YouTube videos about life.

Just finished reading Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari and the take away in part was about the decoupling of consciousness from intelligence. I continue to catch bit here and there about driverless or autonomous cars and G5, machine learning, deep learning in artificial intelligence and climate change. I even learned about a new-to-me genre of writing call “cli-fi” similar to sci-fi. That I thought is interesting.

I am thinking to a just going with all of my passions and doing events where I give a talk or a series of talks, display and sell visual art, give access keys to my book online (which is essentially just my website) and play music along with reading poetry. Maybe even do a live meditation. That interests me. I was thinking about calling it The Jon Keppel Experience. I am not sure about that yet but the whole thing interests me very much. I like having freedom away from a label in music or a publisher in literature. I can do whatever I feel like doing, always exploring, breaking new ground again and again. It is interesting.