New Time (Excitement)

Hi Everyone. This is a new beginning for the blog here to continue on the work I have been doing now for a good year or so. The story is long so I will not go into it all right now. It feels really good to be putting a blog up. Had a chat with a new friend today and wow it was illuminating. Got me back here on the blog and now I see how it is all connected. I am the connecting agent in it all. My thoughts. My ideas. My songs. My visual art. My studies. My videos. My website. My Instagram stuff. All of it comes together to make one gigantic statement. And so I come to you now in this moment with a brand new start to the blog. I have a permanent link for The Art Flame, the book I wrote this past year. Now I can start doing blog posts more regularly along with videos on YouTube and my newsletter that I put out. What is it all for, as music from a movie that I like comes on I am thinking what is it all about? What is it all for? Is this what I came to earth to do? The answer is no. And so I keep searching. I think I came here to be an artist. The consequence of that has gone very deep indeed. Nevertheless, I feel like true love might be the reason that I came to earth, but finding that is extremely difficult in my experience. I wish you all the best. I wish I could say that all this bullshit I do with this or that thought or idea is what it all comes down to but it doesn’t. I think it is love.