New Ideas

Hi Everyone. Some new-for-me ideas in practice here. I like being able to check in with this blog now to not only document my thought process but also of course to be able to communicate with all of you, whoever you are, because a big part of what I am doing right now is about helping other people by offering up knowledge and experience from my life and communicating it effectively to add to the enhancement of the quality of not only my life but hopefully many, many others as well.

Posts to follow will be more stream lined I think but for now I just want to gently break apart some ideas in action to really get things moving on a couple of fronts. First I just want to mention climate change. The number one way to combat climate change according to my studies is to simply talk about it. I know a fair amount of information about specifics but am not an expert. I do believe the climate scientists and think that we should as a global community come together to do something really special about it. That’s all I will say for now on that. I just wanted to scratch the surface on that.

Next, something called ICA Akron has begun and it was an idea that I had a while back. Right now I see how vital it is to make sure that in practice it remain of the art of crafting life. Good sleep culture. Meditation, awareness, healthy knowledge consumption, reading, physical exercise, cooking for one’s self lovingly (thanks Ashley) and a host of other things involved with crafting one’s life, enhancing quality of life. That is what is at the heart of ICA Akron. It might take on the form of exhibiting conventionally (conventionally means anything that is formulated as an exhibition as an endpoint or vital stage it is not referring to advancements in technologies or materials used). In art as life (which includes conventional practice) technology and materials are changing all of the time. Some of my materials tonight were eggplant, a cell phone, walking shoes, my car and so forth.