A Message of Peace

I have so many thoughts going on right now. Looking to share some updates and ideas. Just had a lovely dinner, tomato soup, pieces of rustic baguette, bean salad, honey dijon chips, parsley potatoes and water. A warm chocolate filled butter croissant with fudge swirl ice cream. I started a large format painting tonight. Went through like five brushes. Settled on using two sort of in tandem. Want to start really treating this work like it is worth centuries meaning that my ideas or rather ideas that I help to facilitate can live on and are bigger than me and have societal value. It is freeing to be able to share this online authentically and genuinely. I have been going for something like Marcel Duchamp where an idea that I helped to birth became a signpost for a pivot in artistic thinking around the globe because it tapped into a subtle but very meaningful truth. I am talking about the urinal here. And how readymades absolutely changed art. By revealing a truth that anything can be art.

I want to take some time here to say how precious we all are. How valuable the human experience is. How valuable our lives are. How gratitude is so very important. Speaking your truth. Being true to who you are. Caring about the values that you feel strongly about. Love. Being. Strength. Peace.

I am working on a painting and music and thinking sometimes what it would be like to do more conventional art and continue conversing metaphorically or sometimes actually with the convention of an exhibition. But more than that I think about doing life as art. Living my life including conventional art, yes because I identify as a conventional artist as well, I paint and draw and write stories and make music but that is really just the bits and pieces of art. Art, I feel is so much more expansive than all of that even put together let alone on an individual basis. We art the art just as much as anything that ends up on a wall and so forth. We must take care of ourselves. And love ourselves. And each other for God’s sake. We are beautiful in our essence. We are strong and can overcome anything. We have innate beauty in us and strength and peace.

I am looking at becoming a librarian now. I can live my life as art in that way, work with knowledge and people. Continue to write. God know I have written, on blogs, in morning pages, in countless documents for myself and others, writing stories, poems, a book, comments online, so much writing. I am a writer. But just as much as I am an artist a builder is an artist too to paraphrase my aunt. And in my own words, cooks, engineers, tennis players, policemen and women, everyone is an artist. In that art can be the craft of life. No hate. We can transform ourselves into brilliant life improving, stress-free, ever-growing in the spirit of knowledge and love. Awareness raising. Consciousness raising. And firemen and women and teachers and construction workers they are all artists too. Art is a magnificent mystery. It is time we delve even further into its depths and enjoy the full range of its powers for the benefit of all. We are artists and we are art. Life itself is a kind of artist. This was hinted at by Duchamp and I am unpacking it further to share this message of peace and possibility. When we become the art our imagination can truly grow to new depths and heights and perhaps most importantly ENHANCE THE QUALITY OF OUR LIVES! Character building, strength, hope, peace, unity consciousness, getting through this, getting through all of this and caring, believing in ourselves and each other. Loving ourselves and each other. We are more. And we are fine just the way we are but paradoxically we can ever grow as well, grow in the spirit of life. The essence is the effect is the eventual. So much possibility. Believe in yourself. Be who you truly want to be in this life. Come to life fully and be who you are every day, every minute, every breath.