I think I am just going to start doing this daily as a kind of log, kind of how I have done in the past but with a purpose of really growing in the spirit of my ideas about art as life. I think there is tremendous work to be done and life to be lived in those regards and I feel like it has been difficult internally for me to want to try and send my ideas to traditional publishers. I feel like I can operate better with being free here through my website and YouTube channel and Instagram to get ideas out there and across in a contemporary way.

It is kind of like it is a log of discovery. As I go along unpacking ideas I can take note and this can be a kind of ongoing journal open for public consumption. I may start a physical journal as well. But I really like the idea that these instances online through the blog and YouTube and Instagram stay online and are available to people looking to learn and grow just like I am doing.

I want to do a blog post a day. I want to do an Instagram post a day. And I want to be putting up YouTube content on a regular basis. Maybe 2 to 3 times per week. This is said out of a wish to do more learning and sharing of the awesome ideas that I am coming into contact with and what worth I can generate on my own in my own way as well as far as ideas go. It is about discovery. Check out my newest YouTube post coming soon called My Story May 17, 2019.