Hi All. Just an update to communicate some things. I am continuing to share these ideas that I work with. Some of them come from me. Some from friends and family. Some from my reading and viewing of talks. Some are hybrids or multiple hybrids. The point is I am doing my art as the cultivation of these ideas and practice of life as art, art as life and so on. The website, which has highlights of my conventional practice is a start. I really get into the spelling so to speak of things in every blog post, Instagram post and paper that I write, every YouTube video. The content of those works, the ideas coalesce into something quite extraordinary I feel. That is the work. This is a lot of what I do. It is my art. I don’t really show much in galleries and so forth, not at the moment anyway. This website and other social media is the way that I do art along with just living my life, which is a big part of it as well.