Art Life Manifesting

Hi Everyone. I am just so grateful for everyone and everything in my life. So blessed, truly. It is amazing what you can do when you begin to train your mind, heart and soul to be the very best you can be in all ways imaginable. Imagination is such a gift. I had a thought today that my painting is my life. I have said that before with different words, namely, paint with reality. But it is so true. My life itself is my art now. I still make conventional practice, meaning paintings on canvas, chorus/ verse music and video paintings and much more really. But beyond that I make my life as with poiesis. It is in everything that I do. The whole day. All day. Everything is art. I, myself, am art. The world, life itself is art. The profound and the mundane is art. And in that sense I am always sculpting, always tweaking, always adding a dab of sometimes metaphorical sometimes actual paint. That is what it is like to live art life. I find that I really am getting into gratitude, kindness, love, appreciation for the simple things while still keeping my imagination open to be captured by the big ideas of our time, new technologies and new knowledge.

i am currently exploring what it would be like to be released from the construct of the exhibition. Looking at what if all of what we do is art and we can live our art. If you are a conventional artist who does exhibitions then that is a part of your art, but my work is looking at what if art does not at all necessarily culminate in an exhibition at all. Every day is art. It is really quite wonderful. I am not sure if it helps to be a conventional artist or what to really appreciate this. Because for years I was training a pencil or brush and having energy channel through those instruments to enact art. Now breathing itself is art. Beautiful. Growing in the spirit of art. Serving in a way the spirit of art. Being the best me that I can be and going further in thought just as in science, knowledge and conventional practice. This could really open up a whole new expanse to see our lives as artists. It brings about the work that for sure could and i hope will span many life times and generations. It opens up an entirely new way of thinking about being creative. This conception shares an essence of gratitude of the practice of manifesting. We have the power, through an attitude of gratitude, to craft and co-craft our lives as art to be beautiful, know love and be absolutely brilliant in our discover of the mysteries of life and all its bounty. So blessed. Thank you so much for reading.