We Rise

This is going to be the first of what is hopefully many more messages to come.  I say first because I am going to begin here getting into how I believe that we all must stand up to Trump and Trumpism in the best possible ways.  Writing this blog post is how I am beginning.  We all know how lousy Trump is when it comes to human civility, respect and compassion.  He is bad at all of those perhaps lacking them completely.  The thing is we can rise up in our own lives.  We definitely have to vote him out of office and that is probably our biggest chance to have an impact.  But beyond that we have to continue to cultivate in ourselves the love, respect, civility, compassion and hope for folks and ourselves even as Trump is doing so much damage.  Trump needs to be removed from office and replaced.  We all know that.  But in the meantime we have to allow for our innate goodness to shine through, our resolve and our tenacity, our patience and dignity.  We are people of love, a global community, a human family.  Resist!