No to Trump

This post is to affirm my rejection of Trump and his dehumanizing agendas.  I feel more and more that we each must speak up and so I am taking the time to do that here.  From what I have read and learned Trump has gone against the idea that climate change is real and needs to be addressed.  I reject that misguided viewpoint and affirm that we must do all that we can as a people to address climate change.  Also, Trump has talked disparagingly about people based on race, intelligence and gender to name a few.  That is wrong and we should not accept that kind of bad talking from a supposed leader.  This country is better than all of the hate that Trump is helping to incite.  In the end we are one race, the human race, one family, the human family and share this same beautiful planet as our home and heart.  Take some time to honor simple goodness in your life to counteract this ugly hate machine that Trump is helping to produce.  We are better than this.  Love will conquer all.  Love is the answer.  Peace.