Updates for the end of April, newsletter coming at the beginning of May

Hey all, just another blog post here. I am really having fun with the website right now. Just got the homepage all set up with basically the best of the best from the last few years. I hope you get a chance to check it out. Also, the cassingle should be put together sometime in the coming weeks hopefully sooner than later. I am going to start making visuals for them soon. Excited about that. Looking forward to the process of doing it more than anything else. I think I am going to make my paintings for sale here on the website. There are not a ton of them but I think that will be cool. Also the lyric video for My Love is put together now and available on the homepage and on my YouTube channel. I am still thinking of doing a book reading. Sometime maybe on a fourth Friday in barberton. I am getting my new business cards printed up which will have my website on them. That will be the link to the book I have written. I sort of wish that I could print that as well and sell that as a physical book. Maybe one day, not sure. Same with doing exhibitions again. As you may know I wrote an article that was very transformative in a very good way that was about the exhibition being dead. I sometimes feel like it would be a good way to stay connected to folks if I exhibit. It may take a very long time if ever for a transition from exhibition to take place on a large scale. Even in that conception it eventually became that exhibition could/would still go on but that art as life would become a prominent feature of the artist mindset in order to enhance the quality of life of first and foremost the artist by extension those around.